I found love in NC

I’ve never tried Internet dating and I don’t think I ever want to. What is so wonderful about the dating system here at Starworks in NC is that Takuro said I should take all the ladies out to the dance floor. I looked the dance list over and decided I liked the looks of Okeewemee . She looks amazing in a thin white slip.
Bill the production thrower said I should give Dark Star and New Catawba Wild  a try but I liked the looks of Okeewemee and wanted to have her as my first date at Star. Before I got on the dance floor Takuro Shibata the ceramic brain around here says “Tony, you should try a date with Dark Star and New Catawba Wild”. These two really suit you.
Well you should always listen to the thrower and the Clay Master mind. I took Okeeweemee out and decided to dump her. Too smooth on the dance floor and not up to my rock and roll.
Next,I dated Dark Star a brown eyed beauty that I could really get used to. She was a little soapy to touch especially when I tried to handle her. I must talk to Takuro about this peculiar quality of her not rinsing herself after a good soaping.
Next, I tried New Catawba Wild a green eyed beauty who is the wildest of the southern bodies I have at my discretion. 99% North Carolinian southern belle. She has lovely round particles that not only add pleasure to the making but I enjoyed in the handling of her afterwards. She peeled beautifully and handled like a dream. I hope she looks good at the prom .

It will be the heat of the night at the prom that decides my new southern love. I love both Dark Star Wild and New Catawba Wild. Dan and I are planning to fire reduction cool and reduction gas and wood so I should know which of these wild ladies I can live with. I really must say these two are the best dates I’ve ever had in my life.  The dates here in Star, NC compare to none.


Nikki Mizak said…
Ohhh I haven't tried the dark star! Loved reading this, sounds like you're enjoying yourself.
Camille said…
This is fantastic! HA! Looking forward to giving these a whirl myself very soon. ;)

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