More suffering for the sake of our art!

More suffering for the sake of our art.
Dan and I are tuffing it out here at Starworks here in Star, North Carolina. The things we do for the sake of art is beyond human belief. There is Beer and Glass night here on Thursday night where you buy a blown glass and get a beer ticket. There is a food truck which means no tofu and vegetables. I had the fish tacos and French fries. Yummy, yummy!
Tuesday night there is a pop up beer night with Irish music. Damn, I have yet another night to endure  of friendship and beer.
The glass blowers gather an audience. What they do is a performance art spectacle.
I’ve been in this area several times before and it was a prohibition zone. This was an absolutely dry county. I noticed this time around on almost every second driveway a “Thank you, Jesus” sign.. I’m almost certain this is all the fine people of this area that enjoy a glass of wine and a beer.  Jesus has turned water into wine and you can now actually purchase wine and beer in the grocery stores.  Hallelujah, hallelujah!
I’ve been having a lot of fun blending families of clays together. I have no idea what this will all turn out to be but I’m here to experiment not to do what I can do at home.

Our first bisque kiln is firing and plans are to get a few test pieces in Takuro and Hitomi’s wee Estonian bourry box kiln this weekend.


smartcat said…
So pleased that you are managing to hold up in spite of everything! 😉 Nice that you have had something besides tofu to eat; I was about to ask if you needed care packages.

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