I always maintained you want to live where there is energy. Energy can take many different forms. I do like a town with good bookstores, a great hardware store, some good restaurants, a decent bar, perhaps theatre and music events. Well Star doesn't really have any of this yet!!!!!! But I can tell ya the energy being created at Starworks is just about to take off. If you are a potter, glassblower or artist of any kind you should move here. There are empty storefronts and buildings everywhere and they are cheap. What happens all over the country in my country Canada and yours US of A is that artists move into an area and create nice bakeries, bookstores, restaurants and all the stuff that wealth can not buy. It is sweat equity by creative people. I don't know how she has done it but the head hauncho here Nancy Gottovi has assembled a team of spark plugs here at Starworks. This is the ground floor where you buy low and sell high that is if ya ever want to leave.
I am no real estate or business tycoon but I know energy when I see it.
This week Dan and I were encouraged to ask a couple of the local yokels to come in to work with us. David Stuempfle is a friend and helluva maker. Jared the journeyman bought me a beer at Beer and Glass night and told me he is an avid reader of my blog. I like people that like me so he was a natural invite. It has been soooooo wonderful to work with people that deepen your well of knowledge in so many ways.
Nancy Gottovi told me today they are going to have a booth at NCECA Pittsburgh this March. Talk to them, come here. It is amazing! I should keep this all a secret so that it is mine all mine but I am a teacher and have been all my life. A good teacher has excellent students. This is a place to become excellent!
I also have to add to this post- I can't sell anything I don't like or believe in. I hope there will be room for me to come back.


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