What the hell is that???

I bet a lot of you figured you just peel off a layer of sod and low and behold there is a 25lb plastic bag just full of clay ready for you to make your pots from. Have a look at the clay I love Catawba Wild.  Would you have thought this is clay suitable for making your art? To be honest I wouldn’t have. I asked Takuro if the purple was manganese and he said no probably iron and the yellow another form of iron probably ochre.
I couldn’t help but thinking of Andrew back in Ontario putting feldspar chunks, turkey grit and any kind of aggregate he can put his hands on to give his clay some balls. Here at Starworks the Catawaba Wild that I’m loving is 10 mesh. They put the clay thru the filter press at 30 mesh and then hand wash the grit thru a 10 mesh screen and put it in the pug mill with the mix. This is labour intensive clay and the best you could possibly use. I am being totally spoiled here.
Takuro gave me bags of beach sand that contains no whiting- no seashells so hence no lime pops. This is like having an endless supply of very expensive drugs at my disposal. I feel like Keith Richards.
Dan being a well mannered UK’er cut up his burrito at my new favourite Mexican restaurant with a knife and fork while the rest of use hand bombed them in our mouths. He also insists that we stop work at 4 pm for English tea and shortbreads.   He brought about 25 lbs of shortbread. I was hoping to lose a few inches while here but one must follow protocol.
In the picture is Bill the journey potter that throws production for Starworks, Takuro Shibata clay genius, Dan Finnegan my friend and roomie and Erin Younge Clay Studio Director. I like people that like me. I like it here, a lot


Anonymous said…
And the temps are a lot friendlier! Enjoy!

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