My southern digs

Relaxing after a long drive thru blizzards from Big Prairie, Ohio  to my southern home for the next 2 months..

 Here is the cottage Dan and I are sharing for the next 2 months while we work at Starworks. It is cute, warm, clean and cozy. I'm hoping there is a root cellar for Dan's groceries.
 This sweet little 3 chamber kiln whispered in my ear today- Tony I love you, I need you. Love and laughter in 2018 is what my horoscope read. Ok, so it's a kiln! A hot one at that!!!

After driving thru blizzards in the mountains of West Virginia  I arrived to find Starworks was closed due to snow. Look at all of the snow. I had more on the hood of my car than the entire village of Star. So happy to be here in Seagrove with so many talented potters that I have so much to learn from. So many flavours to taste and so little time. The ice cream tasting starts tomorrow. Yummy, yum, yum.


Gottovi said…
Welcome to the south and Fear of Snow.
Welcome back to Seagrove!The county truck "plowed" Hwy 705 twice yesterday, despite the fact that the road was bare.

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