Sock it to me!

Sock it to me! Sock it to me! Sock it to me! I arrived for my first day as Artist in Residence at Starworks in Star, NC. Starworks is a former Fruit of the Loom factory that made socks. Now it is 100,000 square feet of potential. Potential is in every corner of the building. There is Starworks Wild Clay, clay residency, glass blowing and residencies, kiln builder, gallery, rumoured coffee roaster and craft brewery. With all this happening I'm talking a condo apartment for me. If they won't have me there is a cool red brick abandoned Barber Shop across the train tracks that looks interesting.
Check out the Board Room table made from a huge section of flooring that is planted on these gigantic steel beams. To move the table they need to use two fork lifts. The perfect dinner table for the married couple that want to keep a little distance from one another.
Everyone here is so dang nice! Erin Younge The Clay Studio Director has been the equivalent of "awesomeness". Tomorrow, I'll show you Erin, her work and how she gets around the facility. Takuro Shibata is The Director and has a brain made out of pure clay. This dude knows geology and is anxious to share his love of NC Wild clay with anyone that will listen.
Bill the thrower makes a production line two days a week  for Starworks and this dude can move clay. No nonsense get er done!
Of course in the clay office there

was Takuro listening to a line of horse shit from my buddy Fred Johnston. This is all day one. I am overwhelmed. I made 20 cups and a couple of photo types for a moulded foot I want to put on my teapots. Home here for dinner of fresh catfish,broccoli and a Red Rose bourbon. Wouldn't you know it I looked for a wee cup and there was a Denny Gerwin. Nice to have Denny here with me on Day #1. Gawd the energy here is over the top. I wonder how much they want for that Barber Shop?


If you move into that barber barbershops brother, you'll need to bring that universal health care from Canada with you.
smokieclennell said…
Jeff: I don't want to live here in the heat of the summer. 6 months on 6 months off and I qualify for our health care. I could make some bowls for haircuts too.
Anonymous said…
Well that clay is wild!

Have fun Tony!

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