My new condo in Ohio

I'm on the road down south and stopped by in Big Prairie, Ohio to see my condo by builders Cary and  Elaine Hulin. When I pulled in Cary asked me to pull up to the kiln. I thought he really intended me to sleep in there.
I met Cary some 30 years ago when he was an apprentice with Todd Piker in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. Todd has made more wood fired useful pots without pretence than most potters could ever dream of. There were crates of chowder bowls, mugs, bird houses, lamps, egg cups, teapots, casseroles, canisters and useful pots. Cary and Elaine are doing the same thing here in Amish country in Ohio.  Good useful, affordable pots for use. They make and fire about 6 tons of clay a year. The clay is made into a slurry and pumped with a sump pump into drying troughs. Cary learned his chops by working initially in the throwing sweat shops of the big production studios before going to work with Todd.
All the work is sold here from the farm gate.
A nice supper surrounded by a wonderful collection of some wonderful wood fired pots. Yes the collection included a sweet little ash glazed Richard Batterham teapot. I hope all the good kharma follows me to Starworks.
Time today while driving to think how lucky I am to have friends with welcome mats all over the country. The journey has begun well.


gz said…
Mind blowing! So fortunate to live among folk who value good pots.

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