Bare feet in January WTF???

M, Jesse and I are in Fairhope, Alabama staying with our gracious hostess Susie Bowman. Today we went out in the pissing rain to take our shoes off and walk the beach on Mobile Bay to a clay bank.  January barefoot is a little bit of a stretch of the imagination for a life time Canuck. Shouldn't we walk the beach with our winter boots and what about starting up the snow blower?
Lots of inspiration in the form of trees and rocks along the beach. Man, if I could have surfaces and colour like those rocks and trees. Here is a big clay bank at the the waters edge. Zach Sierke hauls away clay from here in his boat. Pictures tomorrow of Zach's pots and kiln site. Love the idea of using local materials and Zach is doing some awesome work with them.
Tonight we suffer more for our art with catfish, shrimp and cheese grits. This is as close to a John 3-16 reenactment as I have ever come. Southern hospitality abounds here.


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