The Tofu Blues

I haven't had a piece of red meat since I left Canada a week ago and I've eaten tofu three times in the last 3 nights. It's no wonder I decided to make these bourbon cups today to try to wash the taste outta my mouth. Dan Finnegan eats it all the time so he makes these gigantic beer tankards to absolutely obliterate the taste of it.
I'm trying to marry different Starworks clays together to see what happens. I'm doing this outta curiosity and because I know Takuro Shibata our clay guru is curious.
We went to the Clay Interpretive Centre tonight to see power points by two young potters that are setting down roots here in Seagrove. Christina Bendo former Artist in Residence with Dan at Libertytown and Andrew Dutcher former apprentice to big pot man Daniel Johnson of Seagrove. Andrew is setting up a pottery here and Christina is working at Starworks.
Dan and I had David Steumpfle over to the yeller house for a bourbon afterwards. This is an amazing town to be a potter in. If you live, eat, drink and sleep pottery as I have done most of my life this is pretty damn close to heaven.


Anonymous said…
Nothing but trouble, trying to marry wild bodies like that!

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