I leaving Dan today!!!

I can't take it no mo -the tofu, the salads, the late night reading and his cheating ways. Yesterday he completely ignored me while he spent his entire day with nearly ten sets of jugs. I've packed my bags and I'm outta here.
Off for my annual sojourn to Ronnie the Rat's for Ratagama 2018. Sadly, Ronnie has said this is his last wood firing in the Ratagama. It is has been suggested it now my turn to create such an event and having Ronnie and Hester as guests. I am going to make it happen as this is my favourite week of the year. Friends, food, and fire, it don't get much better than this. You can have your cruises and 5 star hotels. Give me the warmth of a wood kiln and all the bull shitting that goes along with it. We solve all the worlds problems and tackle questions like what keeps love alive, and mostly politics are forgotten. We are in our own world for a week together.
My clay kids from home are joining me there for cocktail hour tonight. Emma and Jesse, Andrew and Victoria are on route as I am. The Arkies -Steve Driver, Hannah and Logan are trucking in from Arkansas and Susie Bowman from Alabama. I heard rumour that Josh Copus and his bride of NC are to be are on their way.
There will be visits all week long from locals from U of G , Carter Gilles, Nancy Green and way more.
Well Dan you brought on this separation with your habits and cheating ways.Whose gonna take the garbage out when I pack my bags and leave? You're gonna miss me and my Hefty bags. I'm outta here. Ok I'll take the garbage half way.


Unknown said…
I wish I were going to the ratagama

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