Surround yourself with smart young people


This is Erin Younge the Clay Studio Director here at Starworks.  Erin is a damn fine mould maker and her work suggests politics and religion which are two no no’s of conversation here in the south.

I had this idea to make a narrow bottomed teapot and mount it on a porcelain press moulded foot for stability. Erin was eager to help me . I threw what I wanted and Erin quickly within half an hour had lead me thru the process and we have the mould drying in the drying cupboard. Ain’t that amazing?????? Dan and I both commented over a dinner of rice, salad and barbequed tofu how self motivated all of the employees are here at Starworks. They are all so willing to help us and yet carry on with their work which seems to be never ending. This my friends is America at work. The work ethic is alive and well in this building.
To be able to come here on a residency and have the facilty, the brains and the materials all here at your disposal is like landing at the Pearly Gates.
My plan for the teapots is to make them from my darling the green eyed beauty New Catawaba  Wild then add a Dirty porcelain rim and lid. I’m picturing those tea jars that once had ivory lids. I know that ivory  is now a no no but this will be porcelain.

Tomorrow night we attend a presentation by two potters and the night after it’s Glass and Beer Night at Starworks. . Life is tough! Don’t worry about me. I think I will survive.


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