Size Matters

It is almost laughable when we make some thick 8lb jugs and worry about blowing them up in the bisque. It is even more laughable when you visit the Ceramics Dept at University of Athens, Georgia and see the work of Sunkoo Yuh. I don't know how many tons of clay go into the making of one piece. I can't imagine making them, how long the bisque firing is for a 2000 lb piece. How do you glaze it? How do you then high fire it? How do you move it? And last but not least how do you sell it?
Sunkoo's work is now in the 12-14 foot range.
Here is a pic of Rick Agel and Susie Bowman standing beside the piece to give you an idea of scale.
On the  weekend Feb 3-4 I will be doing a throwing workshop at The Kiln Studio in Fairhope, Alabama that is being hosted by Alabama potter Susie Bowman. See y'all then! Hey it's the first  Mardi Gras weekend there too so that's a double bonus.
We also visited the pottery of Maria Dondero and then my old blogger friend Carter Gilles. Carter showed us a lovely collection of wonderful pots.


hi tony, I really like his big work. we traded for one of his drawings at the bray a few years ago. still want a pot from Ron. is it possible? regards, richard

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