A bad rap

We potters that were brought up in a production studio get a bad rap. Repetition, repetition, and more repetition.
I have never understood those that sit down with a ball of clay and say the clay will tell me what to make. I used to make in large volume 100 cups, 30 teapots, 100 pie plates, 50 of this and 50 of that. All the same weight, same height, same width, same, same, same.
Now a big series for me is 8. Wouldn't you know it but today I made 8 bowls and the last one I did I like the rim more than the previous 7. So instead of wondering why I didn't do that rim all along I have something to look forward to tomorrow.
I also played around with doing some hand built spouts for my teapots as taught by hand building diva Heather Smit. Not sure I nailed them but hey I need to make a few hundred more.
I sauntered down to my local Thai restaurant for a bowl of Tom Yum soup and a Corona. Home for my music night. Gotta stay awake for Apropos at 11 o'clock. The music coming out of Quebec is fantastic. Now,

Evidence of my morning bad habit- McD's coffee. 

Tom Yum with chicken and shrimp
if I could only understand the words. I'm sure many say the same about my pots.


gz said…
by doing the repetition you get the skill and ease to make the individual work.
Nice bowls..and eight is a good number..soup is for sharing!
smartcat said…
Ah teapots! The one on the far right is my favorite. It dances!
Helga eckstein said…
Soup looks awesome.
You are one intelligent potter. Always improving and changing. Kudos.
Anonymous said…
Gotta say. I think the combination of wheel throwing and hand-building is the best.

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