I got to!

Been listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard non stop the last week or so. Wouldn't you know it he hangs out with his neighbour Slaid Cleaves another Texan singer song writer that I've been smitten by.
Lovin' RWH's  The Rabbit. Saw a rabbit being chased by a dog on Sunday about noon. I said to the rabbit- you gonna make it?  The rabbit answered' I got to!
I think the rabbit is the artist and if you think "I got to", you will. I raised a couple of great kids and I remember thinking " I got to!". I heated the house for 7 years with only a wood stove.  I'd put the kids to bed and would sit at my desk figuring out who I could pay and who would have to wait. Weekends in the winter were spent in the swamp cutting wood for the wood stove.
I think if I were to ask the kids they were the happiest days of our lives. They would run into the living room in  their jammies and sit on the floor by the wood stove that I had stoked earlier.  I would bring them their cereal and toast. The kids learned how to do their own laundry at about Age 7. We made lunches together and Saturday mornings were our time  on the lime green couch watching Dr. Snuggles and other cartoons.
I was born in the year of the rabbit and "I got to" has always been my mantra.


Anonymous said…
Keep hopping along!
Anonymous said…

Thanks for the recommendations. It was you who turned me on to Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Steve Earl.
Jeff knew Slaid Cleaves from years back in NH! Slaid grew up in S. Berwick,ME and played music in Portsmouth, NH, where Jeff often played as well. We had the good fortune of hearing him perform at a very small venue here in NC a few years back.

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