Crazy Jerry

I had a great weekend and it all started with a visit to Crazy Jerry's Welding Shop. I'm not sure whether his name is Gerry or I've heard Danny and it ain't fair to call him Crazy. Crazy Jerry is my favourite insider local artist and I'll always greet him with " Hey man, the hardest working man in show biz!" I always get a fist pump. He works outside his shop in all kinds of weather with a smoke hanging out of his mouth. He is usually as black as the steel he cuts to make his flowers, trees and critters. No art training, no pretence just repetition, repetition, repetition! He has the smoothest stroke of a hand I've ever seen.
My gate panel

I asked CJ for a panel for my wooden gate that my good man and friend Jesse Black is going to make for me. CJ sketched out these two trees and cut it with his plasma torch in a matter of minutes. Here are a few of CJ's creations throughout my garden.
The Iron Lady- a tree for my mum

Dragon fly pipe wrench

Hub cap daisy

Fallen pine cone

So to top the weekend off was a The Fred Eaglesmith Picnic. Fred is one of the best singer song writers in the country. He sings about my part of the world which makes it strike home. Fred made a bit of a political rant that I thought was right on. He said he was proud to live in Canada. Two weeks ago Canada told Saudi Arabia to free some political prisoners and stop what they are doing with women and human rights. The Saudi's responded with serious trade embargoes against Canada. Canada replied "stop what you're doing with human and women's rights!" We held firm!  If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing.!  This is a country I am proud to live in.  Well said, Fred.
Here are a few things women still can't do in Saudi Arabia.
1. Make major decisions without male consent.
2.Wear clothes or make up that show off their beauty.
3. Go for a swim in public.
4. Try on clothes when shopping.

Go ahead guys try to enforce these rules with your partners. You ain't gonna live long!

Fred Eaglesmith needs no introduction in these parts. 


smartcat said…
Heard about the Saudi Arabia sanctions. First thought was “Canada?! Who would impose sanctions against Canada”. Then found out why. The interesting thing is that by imposing sanctions Saudi Arabia only further publicizes the inequality rampant in their country.
Anonymous said…
We now know that Canadian and US made weapons have been used by the Saudis to kill innocent children in Yemen. Time for PM Trudeau to grow a pair and tear up the death contracts that Harper made with Saudi Arabia. Otherwise how can anyone take this government seriously? Thanks for bringing up this topic Tony, it ain’t enough to say your human rights abuses will nor be tolerated any more, you gotta stop Canadian arms manufacturers from selling to them. Good luck with that, eh? Cheers!
Anonymous said…
We Canadians may be nice and say sorry a lot,
and enjoy the role of peacekeeper rather than warrior,
but we never turn a blind eye when we're told it's not our business.

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