The Fallen Angels Just Laughed

This week I decided I had had a couple of months of doing " my thang". I've been slip casting, hand building bird houses, trying some ceramic substrates
Ceramic substrate tiles that "Grass" gave me. 
and generally not making anything that would go together in what I would call a line.  I thought,  I had better settle down and make some work for ready sale. The Fallen Angels just laughed.  I need to make some work for the wood kiln that will fit under a 6" post. Well, other than cups I don't make anything.  Now the Fallen Angels were having the time of their life watching me do some things that even I have no idea what anyone would use them for. These bowls are beyond bacon.
Viagara bowls
Usually I share the kiln with The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers but I need to own a firing of mostly my work. The top shelves in the kiln are usually my domain because I make taller things.
I could make bowls but I have been known to rag the crew " Tall and thin always get in, bowls and plates sit and wait!" I hate loading single plates in the wood kiln. So much kiln  real estate used up for not so much money. Stack em 3 or 5 high and now we're talkin'!
Andrew suggested I make some low boy Brown Betty teapots so I made these with stands and overhead handles that put them in the 15" range.
I swear Lucifer is working for Gawd to keep me working like a dawg all my life when I should be stretched out like a cat in the sun. Don't know why I love cats or would want to be one. They are psychopathic killers by nature.
On my nightly walk the sky looked like a fall October sky. Dark black clouds and it is dark here now at 8:30. I'm back to reading again. I just finished Micheal Ondaatje's Warlight. I started Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and I ordered Educated  A Memoir by Tara Westover. Oh yeah and I read last night The Log Book- congrats to my friend Steve Driver on his contributions about his kiln and the heat photos from The Ratagama. There again was the ghost of wood fire potter Mary Bowron whispering don't always chose the pretty ones. The Fallen Angels just grinned.


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