Love joined me for supper!

I stepped off the plane this morning at 5:35 am leaving behind the majesty of the mountains, the forests and the ocean of the beautiful west coast of BC.  Thank you Judi for the love and the friendship that keeps on giving. Judi sent me home with this selection of Robin's tools.
Love joined me for dinner.

 As I reached the bottom of the ramp on the runway I swear I could smell the wood smoke from the wood kiln that Emma and Mr. K are firing some 80 miles away. Home sweet home!  They must have stoked it hard to welcome me home.
I drove through small town Ontario along the yellow brick road of the Victorian yellow brick houses, the barns, the silos, and the fields of tobacco, soybeans and corn. It's Sunday morning and my habit is to go to Clark's for my greasy spoon breakfast. Bad habits are hard to break.  Of course, they were open when I got there and as I walked in the door the owner said " The Usual!" Yes ma'am, I answered. I love my crazy man habits and I love the familiarity I get to experience in my town.
Bad habits are hard break!

Of course, right out of the car at home I attended to my garden- watering, dead heading, and pulling weeds. Getting into the house to visit Jack could wait.
Once I got in the door I headed for bed. 12 hours of travel and a 3 hour time change KO'd me. Once outta bed I unloaded my bisque to see how I'm doing for the fall when Hell's Fires start roaring again.
Then mowing, whipper snipping and raking. Truly a man's work is never done.
Lining them up for fall's hells fire.

Made a cold supper and stared at the tools and wondered how I would label them???? Tony C. Robin.H. I've decided to label them "Love". This ain't no original idea. My bullshitting buddy Fred Johnston of Seagrove, NC had a heart attack and there after wrote on the bottom of his pots "Love Fred". I feel that sentiment tonight. I am so thankful for all the love and friendship and the blessings that are my life. Ya can travel the world but there is no place quite like home. Home is where ya make  it!
oops a repeat!

Victorian yeller brick 

This one is a giant!

The giants coach house- My dream old age apt.
Little yella brick house.


gz said…
A marvelous gift and a fitting label
smartcat said…
You get what you give. In your life it’s love. <3

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