Wabi sabi meets Kemo Sabe

I just started the transition from some hand building and slip casting back to wheel work. The qualities of the soft clay and slow wheel are a welcome landing. I'm still distracted by the assembling of slip cast elements.
In asking myself what genre I belong in I of course thought about the culture I was brought up in. Pork chops, mashed potatoes and veggies on Monday, liver and onions Tuesdays, Shepard's pie on Wednesdays, fish and chips on Friday and roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding on Sundays (don't be late).  On TV was Ed Sullivan, The Lone Ranger or Popeye.  Celebrate who you are and don't  pretend to be who you are not. I am who am , I ain't what I ain't, I'm Popeye the Sailor man. Toot, toot!
I know little about yunomi's, guinomi's or chawans. In fact, I think it would be rather pretentious of me to ask my neighbour Al the car dealership owner over for a yunomi of coffee, a guinomi of Scotch and a chawan of pistachios.  Hey Al, want to come over for a mug of coffee, a little cup of Scotch and a bowl of nuts?
So I made these cups today. I thought they could be classified as wabi sabi if that was in my vocabulary. I thought then I should add a touch of my upbringing to them.  This was my Leach Hamada East meets West moment. I love diner cups and if I had one last meal on earth it would be at Clark's for my Sunday morning heart attack on a plate. Coffee in a one finger diner cup.  See, how easy I am to please.
I added the slip cast porcelain one finger diner cup handle to the loosely thrown cups. If you say your finger won't fit into that hole then thank Gawd you're not my proctologist.
The handle, the fork and the chair are in my world three of the most significant inventions of the Western World.
My friend Emma Smith wrote a nice piece about the celebration of process on Instagram. It was a post firing philosophical lament that I have often felt after a lot of work building up to a firing and then the exhausting effort in managing the fire. Here's to process and
Lone Ranger and Tonto

Wabi and Kemo

Ralph do you think they will pour?

The secret to a spout that doesn't drip- one that doesn't pour. 
being authentic  Hi-yo Silver and away!


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