Flower Child

I had my friends Emma and Jesse over for supper last night. With a total display of class Emma brought a selection of flowers from their garden. Flowers are naturally beautiful on their own but I think it is the arrangement of them that makes a piece of art. She went about selecting a couple of containers from The Cactus Lounge to make the arrangements in.
I like the the tousled hair look to the arrangements that Emma is doing. She has been posting some on Instagram which are really very lovely. Arranging is more than going out to the garden and cutting some flowers and plunking them in a nice vase.
So Emma has a wood kiln, a treadle wheel and some soft clay from Starworks.  This translates nicely with the natural beauty of the garden. When we live our lives as art it becomes everything we do.
The Sweet Pea is the perfect flower for this kind of arrangement. The Sweet Pea has a mind of it's own. Gee, maybe they should have named their wood kiln- Sweet Pea.  You have to  keep a Sweet Pea on a leash or it gets away on you.  The SP is twisted, informal but it does live up to it's name with a nice aroma that I awoke to. Then I drowned out the Sweet Pea smell with the aroma of my Cherry Bomb high test espresso. Oh, that's better!
Wood fired vase by Harlan House

Wood fired ewer by Bruce Dehnert

Emma Smith and Jesse Black
This is a wonderful time of the year for flowers. Lisa at the corner has a lovely garden where I drop by weekly to buy myself a bouquet. Sometimes when I get a dinner invite I drop by Lisa's a couple times a week. At $5 a bouquet it is feels like you are presenting a whole lot more.  Lisa's are more formally arranged.
Lisa's bouquet in a Jen Allen jug


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