Making the perfect dripless spout

To make the perfect dripless spout first you have to start by making a solid spout that won't pour at all. If it can't pour, it can't drip.
On my way to the wheel I just can't stop playing with the slip cast bits and pieces I have made.
I remember some twenty years ago scoffing at one of Canada's big shot ceramic names a prof at a university that made these perfect reproductions of old English teapots and filled them with wax so as to render them useless and Capital A -ART. They sold in the thousands of dollars.
So here I am some twenty years later putting useless spouts on pots. What has come over me?
I think it all started when David Stuempfle called me an Art potter.  I never got over that! Now it seems like there is no turning back. But I had better watch my step as I'm presenting at The Functional Ceramics Workshop in Wooster, Ohio in April 2019. I'm on stage with two of America's best functional makers Jen Allen and Kenyon Hansen
This is preceded with me teaching a 3 month intensive course on functional pottery at La Meridiana in Italy- Jan, Feb and March.
The above dripless spout is tongue in cheek. I can make a spout that doesn't drip. I've made hundreds if not a thousand of them. I do maintain you should have a strong foundation in the craft before you start  undoing what you've learned.
But Ralph we could use if for flowers!!!

For the life of me, I can't make these drip.

These are about ewers but are for flowers.


Anonymous said…
Have a great time in Italy, and may all your students be like Chandra Rice.

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