It's all over, now!

 I haven't fired a kiln since May or June.  I've been creating and kinda livin' the life. Been a bit of a slacker actually. I hope Gawd grades on a Bell Curve or by my summers efforts I won't be seeing any streets lined with diamonds and gold. I really wouldn't know what to talk about with a Saint or Angel anyways! Can't really remember actually meeting one. You'd think a guy that could turn water into wine would be a good friend of mine but even he has avoided The Cactus Lounge and the proprietor.
 Well, it's all over now! Today, I had the really crappy job of making glazes.
Pink is the new blue- pink shino

Gold shino

 It is a mindless job that allows my mind to wander. Been thinking about life's decisions lately. Got passed by a Porsche Carrera yesterday- I'd like to take one for a spin.
 My neighbour has a Harley Road King, a Sea-Doo, a Ski-Doo, a Kubota, a  4 x 4 pick up, a 27 foot trailer and a SUV- I don't have any of those man dreams.  I have glazes to make, pots to glaze and firing season is starting up.
It's a really good day when my gratitude for this wonderful life I have lived is higher than my expectations. That's a good day!!! If you're young and looking to me for inspiration just remember this " keep your gratitude higher than your expectations and that will be a really good day!" Not all that glitters is gold!


Anke Dirks-Wehrmann said…
It is so true Tony!!!
Anonymous said…
Do real men make pink shino?
Anonymous said…
Make like Cliff Lee and re-invent your own version of the imperial yellow glaze and your pottery will be fit for an emperor or some crazy rich asians.

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