Who let the dogs out?

What I love about the Mexican tiles I have seen is searching for the dogs foot prints. I made 150 tiles for my kitchen counter and I ain't got one single print. Dang it, who let the dogs out?  I could have put the tiles on the floor and had Maggie and Roxy walk all over them but those two aren't Chihuahua"s.
I had made these wood fired tiles for an Amish friend but it turned out his wife didn't like them. Not clean enough! So I am going to make my kitchen counter top with a combination of the natural wood fire and mixed in with some salt yellow tiles. I will put a thin shino under the salt yellow to flux it a bit and sprinkle them with wood ash to give some variation . On it's own in the gas kiln I find the salt yellow too matte.
People told me not to put in a tile counter as it isn't good for resale. Who says I'm selling? I live here and the surroundings I chose are mine to live with.
Choosing to be a potter for a career does that sound like a guy that does something to make money?
If you choose to be a potter for the money I'm afraid you got poor Guidance counselling in high school or you got a head start on Canada's nationally legalized weed.  I got the right guidance- a degree in Business Admin and one in Education. I just didn't do what I was told. I never have been very good at that. I love my boss and do almost everything he suggests I do.
I wonder if it was good quality weed or bad quality weed that lead me down this garden path that I'm still tripping along some 40 years later?  Some say it's my strong back and weak mind.


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