Hell's Gate was left open.

Having spent some time in the gardens at Chosin Pottery sure enough the dang leaves crept into my first day back at the wheel.
I had a great day of making cups, wall plates and rocking to Apple Musics musical suggestion for me- Ray Wylie Hubbard's  CD "Tell the devil I'm getting' there as fast as I can"  and "The Ruffians Misfortune."  I read his bio and was surprised to read in the 70's  he wrote Up Against the Wall You Red Neck Mother and then had a musical career that went nowhere. He quit the music business and then re entered in the 90's to now receive Songwriter of the Year 2018 in Austin, Texas. Yeah, for Ray and sticking to his guns. I would think that award in Austin would mean a hellava lot to guy that has paid the dues big time.  If any of you Texans are reading this if Ray ever does a gig at the Greune Dance Hall in (pronounced Green, TX) let me know and I'll be on a flight outta here.
Listening to his tunes I wondered if pots were to fit into genres where would you place your work.
Alternative, Punk, Rock, Blues, Classical, Folk, Top 40, Elevator or maybe Lullabies. Let's hope not Lullabies because that means your work puts people to sleep.
So I've asked the question of you and I'll be damned if I can think of where I would place myself.
Hey Gen no e - Genevieve Patchell- I've thrown a song or two
your way. You might want to listen to RWH's Stone Blind Horses. He mentions you! In fact, listen to the entire album- The Ruffians Misfortune.


Debbie said…
Having seen Ray Wylie Hubbard in Greune Hall, I can attest that it was a great show, although remembered as the night of the “*Great Malt Liquor Debacle”.... You should come to the Texas Clay Fest in October which is right across the street from Greune Hall.
Anonymous said…
Debbie: One day maybe I'll be invited to the Texas Clay Fest as an honorary Texan. I visited Buck Pottery in Greune and had a beer there. What an amazing town. T
Debbie said…
Tony, if we go this year, and I plan to, I will suggest to whomever I can find that they invite you ASAP!!! They would doubtless be honored to have you, Texan or not!

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