When I grow up.

Every summer for probably the last 15 years I've gone over to the US side of Lake Erie to Ron and Hester Meyers for a perch fry.  We had our perch dinner, heart attack on a plate for breakfast and then nothing would more complete a trip to Buffalo than going to The Anchor Bar- Home of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wing.   My tradition has also become a tradition for Emma, Jesse and Andrew. I am lucky to have them as friends and companions.
The advantage of hanging with younger people is they don't talk about meds, health issues, funeral plans and other depressing subjects. We talked about our craft and things going on with in it. Can an aesthetic be taught? Is it better to do a job you hate and make lots of money so you can do work you really love? Is this social media uproar on the naked potter ( I can't remember his name) in the true spirit of the clay community or is it the really ugly side of how social media can build ya up and just as easily tear ya down. It's a long climb up and a fast fall down.  In the words of Hill Street Blues " Let's be careful out there!"
Ron and Hester are in their 80's. They don't hang around with people their age and they don't talk about health issues even though there are some. They talk about art, books, world events, life, food, travel and things of interest. Wisdom comes with age, age comes with experience. Experience is valuable to the inexperienced.
When I return from the Meyers I always am aware of what I must give in this life. To me Ron and Hester embody love and friendship. I'd like to be like them when I grow up.
This could indeed be the rubber chicken


Ron holds court

50 wings and a jug of IPA

Nothing like an American Bar

Good thing Sunday is up lifting.


Anonymous said…
The naked potter, thanks for the info, will look him up right now.
Now there is something I can aspire to, being the naked potter's apprentice.
Anonymous said…
Well Luke Iannuzzi, you may have been the naked potter, but disappointed your studio isn't like a "Carry On" movie.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget online sensation and sexy potter Eric Landon.

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