Bird brain

Bird brain is usually associated with a stupid person. A person having a brain the size of a birds. I went bird watching yesterday and with my prowess I was able to sneak up on this fine collection of my feathered friends.
It almost looks like my fav NC Outsider Artist Clyde Jones went on a vacation to Canada's west coast. The story I got was this bird art was created by an "insider artist" that is now on the outside. He was incarcerated inside the local penitentiary.
I think this is a wonderful example of art making a beautiful place more interesting than ever. Not only does the beauty and real bird watching attract people but so does this art. I guess the new vernacular for these birds would be "fake birds".
The fake birds attract families with kids and with that there were a couple of food trucks serving up English style fish and chips and a grilled cheese/mac and cheese truck. Tables were set up on the beach and it was kept clean and tidy. Families having a great day on the beach building forts in the washed ashore timber.
The economic impact of art is so under estimated.  I have always maintained that the businesses that create an experience will be the ones that are successful. Town councils could also learn a lesson from this. Make your town interesting and people will come to enjoy the place and spend money. 

Bald Eagle

Crow's nest

Turkey vulture

Eagle and baby

Dump duck aka seagull


Anonymous said…
Another artist giving their art away for free and exploited so someone else can profit from their labour?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: Lots of people create art for the love of it. People make wonderful gardens, do over the top Christmas and Halloween displays. They do it because it makes them happy and others too. I heard that some people defaced and stole some of the bird art. The artist replaced and repaired answering it gave him pleasure. If I had independent means I'd give away my pots. Giving gives pleasure.
smokieclennell said…
That second anonymous was moi. TC

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