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We went to Saltspring Island today to visit the mountain top pottery of Pat Webber and her handy husband, Joe. I just had to go into the main town of Ganges and lucky for me the farmers market was on Tuesday afternoon.
When I visited Saltspring some 25 years ago it was a hippie haven with lots of tie die clothing, the smell of weed,  people living in VW vans with wood stoves in them and chimneys out the roof. Like I have seen throughout my travels artists, hippies and creative people move in gentrify an area and then the rich and famous move in. Sadly then the hippies move out. Not so in Saltspring as they hang on to market gardening, baking and other activities to keep them on the island. It has an amazing Mediterranean climate that makes life so very comfortable. 
There were galleries in Ganges selling Norval Morriseau( Picasso of the North) paintings for $70,000. Almost all the art work was in the $1000+ range. No cups, casseroles and jugs to be seen where I looked. It is obvious that people are buying this work. It is now a haven for some of the rich and famous although the character of the creative people still exists. There is no better place to see it than the incredible farmer's market. I have never been to one quite like it. The colours, the variety, the display, the tastings, the music all added up to a very exciting experience. 
I had to go have a talk with a guy that was using my good name to sell his tarts. After negotiating I nailed down  a settlement of a cranberry, walnut butter tart. He can stay and I'll move on. Yes, it was that good!

Display of the produce was what really impressed me. Wish I were 35 years old again. 


smartcat said…
Bet you did not know that you are so famous that your name would be purloined for commercial use! 🤭
Beautiful farmer’s market. I love seeing goods displayed with loving pride.
Anonymous said…
Ah the VW van, the forerunner of today's tiny house. Those artistic hippies had style and still do.
One of the 8 said…
Hi tony..... this isn’t a blog but more of a request. I’m am one of the students that will be at La Meridana this January 2019 for the 12 week course called “ On Center” . You sent out an email letter a few weeks ago welcoming the 8 students. Somewhere in the cyber cloud or deleted trash file I lost your email letter. could you send me another one? (All will get a repeat but I don’t want to put my email on this blog)
I have ordered the pottery book and will want to communicate with some of the other students introducing myself etc. i couldn’t find your email address either.just this blog site. Do you have a separate email for communication? Thanks ... looking forward to heari;g from you.

Best regards, one of the 8

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