Beauty and the Beast

This morning after our Chinese class I watched the trimmer sharpening his trimming tools. Take a gander at the size of the file he uses to get his steel tools sharp for dry trimming. This big file leaves a surrated edge which cuts thru the clay without the age old chattering problem that many people experience when trimming porcelain.
The decorator works on a piece that he has trimmed. Check out the time involved in this very beautiful and intricate brush work. It will be the traditional white and blue of Jingdezhen.
I was able to remember to say hen hao chi to the ladies in the kitchen. This means delicious and the food they have been preparing for us is hen hao chi. I’m a convert to this kind of food.
For now zai jian -goodbye
Tony Wong


Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing Tony...It is most interesting...from one of your Sarnia groupies.

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