Predator Protection

Since I'm going to bo on the other side of the world for the next while I figured I'd get Sheila some protection from predators. I hung them on our fence at the entrance to our studio and house to let everyone know that she has her own personal bullet proof panties and cast iron bra.
Sheila has us set up on MSN Messanger so we can chat on line and I'm going to buy a cheap phone and phone card once in Jingdezhen so I can phone home on Sundays. When in Logan, Utah last winter I found the first month loooooong with getting accustomed to new digs, routines, etc and then the time flew. This trip I'm swamped with new technology that I didn't pack before. If I can keep this blog, MSN, cell phones and cards, laptop, emails, Ipod and all this new tech going it will be a miracle. Luckily there will be gaffers there that learned computers from Baby Einstein books at age 3.
The next post should be from China where I'll be enjoying a cuppa red ant tea and a wasp cookie.


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