Hard Labour

I thought I'd send y'all a few pics of the work you see all around. People here work hard. These pot bottoms must be for something huge. They are too wide at the bottom for the stop light or lamp posts you see all over town. I was so excited by the lamp posts but I haven't found one yet that I love. Most of them have quite hideous decoration. Here is a pic of 4 of the boys picking up a vase bottom that has just been decorated. They will move it to the glazer.
Our food is cooked in a large wok that is heated by coal brickettes. This husband and wife team are carting the coal up hill to the restaurants and shops that are their customers. There must be at least a 1000 lbs of coal on that bicycle/truck. Everything is for sale and everyone is selling something. Yesterday while sitting on the curb eating my lunch I watched a guy with a hand scale buy hair from the barber shop. Brushes?????????????????


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