Snake Bit Kit

I received a lot of helpful advice from friends about my trip to China. Judith Graham gave me a looooooong list and I added to it some advice from W.C Fields that John Neely passed on to me, some coffee and Melita filters for my caffeine addiction courtesy of my gun packin' friend Bev Norton Walker in Arkansas and last but not lest some Acidophilus from Hester Meyers to give me 1 billion live cells for my tummy.
So from the wisdom of W.C. Fields- Take along a bottle of bourbon in case of snake bites. I carry a snake along with me for that purpose.
Here is what I'm packin'
1 bottle of bourbon and a snake
1 box of travel wipes with aloe Vera
1 Melita strainer and filters
1 package of towelettes
1 box of bandaids with antibiotic
1 bottle of Acidophiles( one billion live cells just like in yogurt)
1 package of Gravol(2 Gravol and l bourbon and you'll sleep for the first 6 hours of your loooooooog flight
1 package containing 3 bottles of hand sanitizer(good for when you do alot of hand shaking)
1 box of Advil- we just may go out drinkin'
1 package of 8 pocket tissues(emergency bum wipe for travelling)
1 bottle of Imodium -in the event of the trots
1 package of cough and flu medicine ( John said it will be cold in November)
2 boxes of Pepto Bismol ( Mel suggested taking one a day till your tummy get acclimatized)
1 bottle of multi vitamins- just in case I opt for a strictly rice and beer diet
1 bottle of Propolis- it is this great stuff I got in Italy for my cough. It is from beehives.

This all tends to make me look like a bit of a hypochondriac. I've never seen so much first aid in my entire life. I'm going prepared and hope to not need anything but the bourbon and the bum wipe.


Jay said…

Might I suggest a 5cc syringe with some alcohol wipes for site preparation and infection control or are you going with the standard 26oz. oral injection?


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