Buck Naked

Well gang it's Friday and I've been gone for 2 weeks. I told the thrower using a diagram that there was a Chinese plum vase shape that I liked. He had the wedger wedge up 4 about 15lb balls of clay and he threw 4 vases in about 12 minutes. 3 minutes each and they are spot on. You'd think he threw to a measurement- nope! This guy uses one tool a broken piece of hacksaw blade which he uses the back side of for a rib. The US pottery supply businesses would go broke here. Check out the pile of dust in front of the trimmers bench. That's what ya end up when ya trim dry.
Here is a pic of Bobby Free on his old set of new wheels that he bought to get around town. Paid 100 yaun ($13) for the oldie and and an extra 9 yuan for the basket. As you can see he's turning heads with this black beauty.
If you're interested in China contact Bob Anderson (bob.anderson@mail.wvu.edu) of WVU- $5000 all inclusive flight, transportation, food, digs, clay, firing, presenters the whole shebang for 6 weeks(3 weeks studio working and demos, 3 weeks visiting galleries, pot shops, makers etc. Hellava deal in my opinion.


Angela Davis said…
Well big guy you got me with that one,
just had to have a peek at that Free guy!
Great blog, expect a boom in potters treking to China.

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