Elvis is in the Building

Gang : It's been a uneventful weekend in terms of sightseeing and I don't want to show you my porcelain pottery failures as of yet. Young Danny Crump is the man about town and is doing everything Chinese he possibly can. He went in for a haircut and asked for something coooooooooooooooooooooool! 50 yuan for the dye job (about $6 and 8 yuan for the cut $1. They spent about an hour and half on him and washed his hair 3 times.He mistakenly thinks he looks cool with his #5 welders glasses.
The Chinese students Fong and Dong took me out for lunch today. I had to take a pass on the pig's feet. I was very flattered as they said they liked my work. Their work as undergrads is killer. I'll send pics of their work as it nears completion.


Anonymous said…
I am really enjoying following your adventure. Any chance of seeing the kilns these huge pots are fired in?
BJ Clark said…
He looks like Kim Jong Il. That was the best money he ever spent.

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