Ho Lee Chow

Thought I'd show you the people that feed and water us here at the studio. They made us potatoes the other day and we didn't eat them all. I watched the one lady bite in to the cold spud and spit it out on the floor. She didn't like the texture of the skin so she threw them in the garbage. We are going to teach her to make hash browns and scrambled eggs. We get scrambled eggs and diced tomatoes which is really quite delicous( hao chi) or good eat!
Check out the fly paper by the cutting board. The man is the gatekeeper of the compound and he sells us beer, pop and water. Beer 3 Yuan, pop 2 Yuan, water 1 Yuan. One Yuan is 13 cents. That is a large wok of our rice on the floor and the greens are being shelled.
We had our Chinese lesson today from Mike an American student from WVU who has been here 3 times and is a China junkie. He is rooming with Bong the Chinese grad student and he truly loves this country and is a great ambassador of America (mei guo) which translates into beautiful country. He was teaching us phrases to put together to get around on the streets. As in any country people truly appreciate any small effort you make to speak their language.


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