The Slab Man

It was fascinating to watch the slab guy make slabs. He says he often makes the slabs for the master slab builder. He used a board with raised feet so that he could pick up the board and move it around while working. He took a piece of thin canvas and soaked it in a pail of water and spread it out over the board. The clay was then pushed out with his hand to make a valley where his steel tube was laid on the sticks the thickness he wanted. He would then push the clay out with the roller and sometimes giving the wave he created a push forward with his hand. The board was then turned around and he finished the other end the same way. The board was picked up and he flipped the slab on the plaster bat on the floor, peeled off the wet canvas and on to do another one.


Anonymous said…
Hey Tony, that is slaberific. I love the idea of the board on feet so it is easy to pick up. Cheers, Tara Lynne

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