Mountain Money

My room mate Trevor is a spend thrift. He found us a kitchen table, a leather seat for his chair and a hat on a sewer cover. Here he is eating breakfast and packing his pockets with tissue to sell to people caught short on our long bus trip into rural China to the birthplace of kaolin. He maintains there is nothing worth more than tissue when you're desperate and in the mountains. I got a lot of pics to show you from this trip so stay tuned. Here is a ancient dragon kiln about 200 feet long used to fire water jars and roof tiles. Packing this kiln must be some job as it is literally up hill all the way. The jars are not thrown but coiled and paddled. We bought a small one for our room for 30 yuan or $4. Small means garbage pail size or about 15" tall. A beauty it is.
I feel privledged to be in China at this time. There is so much hand craft being done. Cutting, sorting and stacking rice, wood, tiles, mushrooms, peppers etc all seem to show such beautiful patterns. The roads, bridges and all available space are used to dry food. Even the roads are covered in rice which cars, bikes and our bus drive over.


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