Thank God for Advil

I’m in day 2 of my Chinese language class and my head hurts after an hour of the class.
There are 4 sounds that are really a flat sound, a up and down sound and a up/down sound. Ma said with one intonation is mother and in another tone is horse. So you’re in deep do-do if you call your mother a horse.
We’ve had two teachers and both are doing a repeat of the lesson and calling us to answer in class what they just taught which is the cause of my headache.
The trimmer is going nuts in the studio trimming the 2 tons of work the thrower made the other day. It is bone dry and the plates were thrown with 2 inch thick bottoms. They trim more than half of the clay off the pots. Have a look at the spray of clay coming off. He has a huge file that he sharpens to trimming tool with. Who says ya can't trim the inside of a plate/bowl? The final touch is to use a 2 sided razor on the rim.


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