Mr. Tight

Remember here in Jingdezhen they trim bone dry and they make slab pots in a really hard slab state. Look at how he measured the thickness of the slab, lays his ruler that thickness into the slab and cuts a 45 degree angle on the side of the table. He then puts a thick bead of the body slip with no scoring on the edge of the slab to join another slab. Same goes for the top slab. this is a stick and not a brush he is using to apply the slip. I wish he would leave that ooooooozing slip on the edge but this is Mr. Tight and the box will be perfect. He drilled 4 holes in the top to start the cuts for the gallery of the vase. Notice how he rounds out the corners of the gallery and then he puts his ruler up and cuts straight. This is to prevent the cut at the sharp corner which is the ketchup container principle. Make a wee slit in the ketchup bag and it's easy to rip. A small crack in the corner would become a place for the crack to start and keep going. He was also careful to align all the slabs in the same direction they were made. It was like he was dealing with the grain of wood. He indicated the grain should not go at cross purposes. Interesting!!! The finished vase is plain but remember all the decoration will be added by someone else. John Neely says the difference between a vazzzze and vassse is about $20.


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