Your new studio in China!

I thought I’d pick a couple of buildings to show you for your new studio. Check out the one stone building. I thought the Scots and the Italians were great stone masons. There are thousands of stone buildings that I’d like to pick up and move home. There are towns where I think if only a couple of American investors would buy these buildings this could be Shangri la. What I hate myself for thinking is that I’d like to live in an Americanized China. I can picture these little towns full of my version of potter’s studios, galleries, restaurants and galleries with sit down crappers. Why the hell would I want to travel to China if this is what I would find? I think I am here at a very unique time in China’s history. Wait till they all have cars!!!!!!!!!! Wait till they all have refrigerators and the fabulous water jar makers have no market for their wares. There will be no use for storage containers! The old man at the water jar factory told us that the young people didn’t want to work in the potteries any more and they all headed off to work in the restaurants of the big city. Bright lights, big city!


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