Bra straps, whoppies and a joint

Here is a collection of 800 year old Song dynasty pots. The first shot shows the pieces of a wine ewer. The bottom of the pot has the whoppie that I consciously put in the bottom of all my pots. Here is an example of a whoppie made without pretence in a soft and coarse clay. I luv that nasty bit in the bottom. There were many little bra strap handles all over the place and I laid down my favourite and then I’ll be damned if I could find it again. The wee spouts are hand rolled and not thrown. I’ve been practicing making them and Iike them better than my thrown ones now.
Here is a stoneware saggar with a nice bit of glaze snot running down the inside and pooling in the bottom. The other saggar is stepped for bowls of increasing size inside of smaller bowls The bottoms of three nice carved celadon bowls would look nice framed and hung on the wall.
Walking back thru the bamboo forest John pointed out that the joint in a piece of bamboo is the reference for the shape of a foot ring on a Japanese Mashiko teabowl. Once again, it is nice to reference what you do!!!


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