Cone 96

We fired the wood kiln today and the Chinese cones have different numbers. We picked cone 96 for body reduction since we figured it meant 960 degrees C. Here is the morning crew posing beside a very easy wood kiln to fire. The second guy in is Qi Ming (sounds a bit like Jimmie) is a real work horse and we’re all pulling for him to attend WVU as a grad student. He worked the entire firing and can drink beer and JD like a good ole boy. He has the work ethic and the cast iron stomach to succeed in the clay dept. While the kiln was firing the trimmer had to catch up with the thrower. Check out the pile of dry trimmings in front of the trimmer. They come by with shovels and put it in sacks and take it away. These are beautiful large jars. See the thickness of the thrown knob. It will be trimmed away to hardly anything at all.


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