Our Can

Trevor has spent the last two days in the can. I caught him just before he jumped out the window and landed 5 stories down. Actually he’s feeling better and climbed up on the window sill to give a ya a birds eye view of our can. The bucket of water is so we have something to flush the can with between midnight and 6 am when they shut our water off. It is actually handy to hang on to in the squat position. I haven’t got used to showering while standing over the john. The worst part is that the shower water runs down on the floor and you stand in the water while shaving and brushing my teeth.
There are absolutely no shelves for brushes or hooks for towels so I have been caught without a towel or our shaving gear.


Rebecca Harvey said…
Lovely -
I was hoping for a picture of that - I somehow missed that shot. Hope you all are well - say hi to the kids for me -

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