Laundry Day

Saturday is cleaning day for us around here. We clean the can, scrub our floors and get our clothes washed at the wood fired laundry mat. We then go hang them on the roof to dry. I swear my clothes have stretched two inches while being here. At first I thought I was shrinking but it is the hanging them on the line that has stretched them. My short sleeve shirts are ¾ length and my pants are rolled up two turns. Here is the scrap wood pile in front of the laundry. They use a wood fired boiler to heat the water.
While we were firing the kiln yesterday a group of 4 people built this concrete wall beside us. The footing was about 2 inches of concrete and the damn wall was finished in the time it took to fire the kiln- 18 hours. A good hockey body check and I think the thing will fall over. Check out the lady mixing cement with a ciggie in her mouth. She had a beautiful long braid of hair and wore that bad used car salesman’s jacket. It was 95 degrees in the shade. I offered her a yam cooked in the wood kiln firebox but she laughed and took another haul on her smoke.


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