Jingdezhen Harley Chapter

My room mate Trevor and I hopped on our black Chinese Hogs and hit the rural roads out into the country to San Boa. This is a beautiful ride into rural China and even the air smells fresher. I figure I’m up to about 2 packs a day and I’m a non smoker. The teachers smoke in class, in the kitchen, in the hallways, cars, everywhere there is the smell of ciggies. On our ride there was this amazing banging noise coming from some of the sheds we rode by. It was the rock crushers pounding the rocks to be made into glaze. The first rock crusher was gas powered but as we rode further into the country we found a lady working all alone with a water powered one. My hog is parked by the load of stone to be crushed and her workshop is the building in the background. She was pounding the rock and slapping the wet material into a wooden mold to make bricks of china stone for glaze making to be sold to the potteries. Trevor was fascinated by the piece of bamboo with water dripping on the wood bearing of the wheel to keep it lubricated. How ingenius is that? The old China Harley has my butt a tad sore this evening.


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