Mother in law blue

So your mother in law likes everything you make as long as it's blue. Here is a pile of pots destined for a lot of mother in laws. Man, what an ugly blue! Either someone made a mistake or there are a lot of people out there with bad taste.
Here is another picture of the planter alley I showed you before. Just when you think you've seen enough planters another couple of thousand reappear.
The most dangerous part of traveling in China is crossing the street. Check out this intersection. How do you know which way the traffic is coming at you. The best plan is to pick up a book, start reading it and just walk. They will avoid you somehow.


Togeika said…
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Togeika said…

Nobility in Asia has always appreciated fine ceramics. Zen Buddhism broadened the appeal of pottery and many other arts and crafts, though for most of history, it was still the purview of the educated class.

In Japan, with the raise of the merchant class in the 16th century, and with the increased wealth and education that accompanied it, ceramics and tea really blossomed.

I am guessing this can happen in China, with the development of a growing middle class. But it isn't guaranteed. Japan got wrapped up in wealth and consumerism, so it is a constant struggle for them to keep old traditions alive.

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