Logan's Heros

Before I start to show you Yixing the Pottery Capital of China I want to pay tribute to my friends from USU, Logan, Utah. The final day of our trip we went to Yellow Mountain(one of the natural wonders of the world). I think I might have died up on the mountain if it weren't for my friends Trevor Dunn and Bobby Free. I took the cable car up and had to wait in line for 2 hours and it was very foggy up there. Thinking I had missed all the good stuff I decided I was up to walking the 4 kilometers down. About 1 kilometer down my legs turned to jelly and I couldn't walk. I could stand straight with my knees locked but when I went to take a step my legs went all rubbery and I'd fall forward. The steps were without hand rails and there were steep ledges and it was wet and slippery. These steps at times were down right scary. I could have had the porters carry me down but we didn't have the cash they requested. I posted some pics of these guys that carry EVERYTHING up the mountain. They send nothing on the cable car and these guys carry more than their body weight up and down the mountain. Check them out dodging tourists, carrying propane tanks and everything that is consumed at the summit. They don't have an ounze of body fat anywhere and run down the stairs with people in chairs and supplies. I was in no position to get a picture of Trev and Bobby but I'll be sure to. I put one arm around each of their shoulders and they literally carried me 3 kilometers down the treacherous mountain. Christina from Logan and our two Chinese class mates Fong and Bong massaged my legs at every pit stop to try to get them working. I was in a bad way. I feel very close and indebted to these people. I'll be blogging most of the day. I still have serious sea legs.


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