Yixing, eh!

In the city of Yixing I saw without any stretch of the imagination over a million teapots done in the traditional style. The teapots are about craftsmanship and they are absolutely beautifully made. The ones I like however were done outside of the tradition in a contemporary fashion. This little yellow teapot with the killer spout had this interesting lid where the little beads are hand built to move within the cavity they are set in . The knob moves too! The other set had a teacup and saucers with the squared off backside that I loved.
Here back at the studio I am working on a set of teapots I’m calling Yixing, eh! Double slab top permits the cutting of a lid with flange already good to go. The spouts I am rolling and I have just started doing a hollow double slab handle. Each teapot is an improvement from the one before.
Also thought you might like to see my Chinese Caddy. It is loaded with accessories- drum brakes on the front, bell, basket , back seat and custom black paint job. I’m luvin this hog!


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Tony, having a great time I see!
Beeen trying to lay some compliments your way, but running into blogger problems. I think I finally figured it out, do ya think?
Anyway, really enjoy all of your reports, comments, quips and the like. Sounds to me like the adventure of a lifetime, and perhaps you will come back at least knowing some basic Chinese!
Sheila filled me in on your schooling, and I am anxiuos to see you when you get back.
Considering the Mountain nearly did you in, well, take care of yourself, I mean you aren't a kid anymore.

All the best on your program, and keep up the great work.

Regards, Frans

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