Wally World's Impact

This morning at 6am we took a taxi to Walmart. Not that I wanted to set foot in Wally World although I understand it is quite a different experience than you might expect in America. Want to buy a live shark!!!!
Across from Wally World is an an alley called the Antique Shard Market. It is open from 6-8am on Mondays and Tuesdays and is a collection of shards and pots. You must have a discriminating eye to pick a fake from a Song dynasty 800 year old pot. Young Danny Crump and I had a ball dickering with the merchants over the price of pots. When a dicker got going the merchants would huddle around us and laugh their faces off at our attempts to lower the price. Prices on some of our purchases dropped from 200 Yuan to 20 Yuan. I got my numbers mixed up and offered 18 yuan for a bowl that the guy was asking 2000 Yuan for. The crowd of hustlers howled with laughter.


Anonymous said…
Morning Tony - We recently got back from Haliburton for Lisa and Matt's weddin', Andrew was great as man in suit w/saggy earlobes. Bruce was raving about your blog, so I took on book piles and cat to get to Stephen's computer. It's so wonderful to read through these "blooogs" you crazy kids can make. See you tomorrow - xo,cathleen. (I hope you recognise some of these names and can figure out who we are)

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