Dumpster Diving

We all went to the opening of Caroline Chen’s new coffee shop “Nine Windows” last night which was followed by a talk and slide show by Torborn Kasevo(sp?) from Norway. Here is Young Danny Crump sitting at one of the tables in the café. We were lucky to have every shard under glass in the theme of rabbit decoration. This prompted a morning Chinese equivalent of dumpster diving. We went out to the site of a Song dynasty bone yard. They were building a road which exposed layers of shards meters deep. It was very foggy and beautiful this morning. Here is John wading thru waves of saggars and pot pieces. We all got covered in burrs climbing thru the underbrush. I think burrs are the barbed wire of this site. The guy with the smug look on his face and the bad sweater wanted to sell us this vase for 5000 Yuan or about $650. Whose to know whether it’s the real McSong. We are going to the Antique market on Monday where they buy celadon bowls and bang them and chip them and soak them in tea brine and fool water to make them look old to sell to foreigners.


John said…
Torbjørn Kvasbø

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