No Free Ride

While in Yixing we visited a big Dragon kiln right smack dab in the middle of town. The owner asked for admission for us to poke around. That was probably more money that he got for most of the firing. These are very crude flowerpots that I doubt any Wally World sales rep would appreciate. We were drooling over the under fired and cracked pots. The small entrance hole is where they load and unload the planters. That wood ash on the ground in front of the door is from the wood stoked into the kiln on the other side of the entrance. Check out the boys unloading the planters from the kiln and sorting them into firsts and landfill to be thrown over the hill. The planters are carted down the hill on this wagon. A pulley is on the back to keep the cart from running the ole boy over. He just steadies it going down the hill and the other guy gets a free ride. Once down the hill they are loaded on a motorcycle and off to market somewhere. I have no idea what market. These are pots only a potter could luv or someone in search of a very cheap unadorned flower pot!


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