Moth Balls

Here is my plate after finishing a meal. Bobby Free and Danny Crump have been known to put almost anything in their mouths. They have eaten dog, squirrel, snake, eel, frog, duck tonque, fish eyes, chicken heads and feet or anything on a dare. I told them they’d eat moth balls if they could the legs apart. Since almost any meat has a bone in it you just pick it out of your mouth and put it on the table. Sometimes you just spit in on the table. Check out the pile of compost in front of Bobby. His place setting almost always looks like that. Not only does he love the food here but he has a hollow leg. Here is Danny and Bobby chawing down on a piece of raw sugar cane. While waiting for them to pick up their sugar treat I snapped these two pics. One is a guy delivering some raw glazed pots to a kiln somewhere in the city and the other is a guy delivering bamboo to a job site probably for scaffolding.


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